Artwork Interactive Privacy Policy

Last modified: September 29, 2017

Welcome to Artwork Interactive!

This is the Privacy Policy agreement between the User of Artwork Interactive apps (“you”) and AI Artwork Interactive Limited (“AI Artwork Interactive Ltd.”, “AI Ltd”, “we”, “us” or “our”), a Cyprus registered company located at:

Karantoki Building,
16 Zinas Kanther Street,
7th Floor, Offices 25 & 26,
1065 Nicosia,

which governs your use of the Artwork Interactive apps.

Our Privacy policy applies for all Artwork Interactive apps.
By using and installing Artwork Interactive apps, you agree with all rights and information from Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy document.

Usage of collected data

When using Artwork Interactive apps, AI Artwork Interactive Ltd. and our partners may collect certain kind of data from your mobile device.

Type of information that can be collected:

Internet access

Most of the Artwork Interactive apps can work in offline mode, but providing new content, updates, daily gifts and advertising, as well as for using some features (like community page and sharing options) some of the our apps may require internet connection. Also, in cases when you want to use some of the premium offers in the app (make in-app purchase), we and/or our Third Party service providers (e.g. Google or Apple) need access to your billing information.

External storage

Artwork Interactive apps may request access to external storage of the device to activate some features of the app or to store user generated content upon request.


Who can see and/or have access to user information:
The security and confidentiality of your Information is very important to us, so we take security measures (including physical, electronic and procedural measures) to help safeguard all of your information from unauthorized access and disclosure. Please know that, despite our efforts, no security measures are perfect or impenetrable.
Only AI Artwork Interactive Ltd. has access to the user data. However, we may use some Third Party partners as service providers for some of our business parts (e.g. integrating ads and analytics). All data will remain anonymous and will be used for improving app quality and user experience. All data which may be used will be with limited access for only authorized employees and contractors.
Information you provide to us are essential for maintaining quality of the app. Artwork Interactive will use those information to analyze and improve the way we provide our services. That can take as long as you use our apps or even after you stop using them, as long as the purpose of data usage of the information fits with this Privacy Policy.


By installing Artwork Interactive apps, you agree with periodically updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions documents so you should review it regularly.

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